NOTHING FORGOTTEN is a moving story about a mother's regret and a love transcending time, space, and conventional morality.


"A vivid travelogue . . . reminded me of the Italian television series . . . that proved compulsively engrossing, 'The Best of My Youth,' . . . delicious insights into Italian life." -- SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE

"Fans of Emma Straub, Anne Tyler, and Liane Moriarty will adore Levine's treatment of domestic drama and how she brings light to the dusty corners of marriage and motherhood. Immersing the reader in Roman decadence and San Francisco's modernity, Nothing Forgotten is an intricately layered, deeply heartfelt, and bittersweet novel."
— BOOKLIST, Starred Review

“. . . an example of women's fiction at its best. Its exploration of history, memory, family, and the particular struggles of women looking for experiences and love is enjoyable, memorable, and thought-provoking all at once.”
— FOREWORD, Rebecca Hussey

Passionate, impulsive, mystical, Anna tells her tale of romance in Italy and the impossible choices made for love with the frank intimacy of a best friend. Consuming and thought-provoking; I couldn't put it down!”
— MICAH PERKS, author of What Becomes Us

If you’ve ever dreamed of having an Italian romance, Jessica Levine’s Nothing Forgotten is the next best thing . . . and maybe better . . .”
— LAURA FRASER, author of An Italian Affair

“Levine expertly crafts a sense of place in late twentieth century Rome. With unexpected plot twists and no easy answers, Nothing Forgotten concludes with a satisfying mix of love, loss, pleasure, and pain.”
— BARBARA STARK-NEMON, author of Even in Darkness