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I translate from French into English.If you are interested in hiring me to translate a book or shorter work, please contact me.


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Élie Paul Cohen, Médecin de guerre de l’Afghanistan à Paris: La guerre sans front,

Le Passeur Éditeur, 2016. Visit Élie Paul Cohen’s website. Buy his book.

To be translated as Mission Afghanistan: An Army Doctor's Memoir, which will be published by SparkPress in September 2018. 

A memoir by Dr. Élie Paul Cohen, a civilian emergency physician recruited to serve as an army doctor in Afghanistan. A pacifist in his youth, Élie had once refused conscription and military service in France. But decades later, a surreal sequence of events involving the Israeli, British and French intelligence services led him to join the French Military. Deployed in Afghanistan as a liaison emergency doctor in Camp Bastion, the largest British Military base since World War II, Élie’s mission was to study Damage Control Resuscitation, a new treatment for polytraumatized soldiers, developed by British medics in Afghanistan, so that he might share it with the French Military Health Service. A story of war and medicine that turns into a tale of personal transformation.

Books Translated

Denise and Jean-Pierre Le Dantec, Reading the French Garden, MIT Press, 1990. (From the French Le Roman des Jardins de France, Plon).

Manfredo Tafuri, The History of Italian Architecture 1944 – 1985, MIT Press, 1989. (From the Italian Storia dell’ Architettura Italiana, Einaudi).

Manfredo Tafuri, Venice and the Renaissance, MIT Press, 1989. (From the Italian Venezia e il Rinascimento, Einaudi).

I have also done ghost translations of books on subjects as varied as dance, jazz, and Renaissance diplomacy, as well as a study of Roland Barthes.

Poetry Translations

“My Body is a City in Ruins,” by Margherita Guidacci, Asheville Poetry Review, Vol. 20, No. 1, issue 23, 2013.

“The Sages Are Always Right,” by Margherita Guidacci, Spoon River Poetry Review, Vol. 36, No. 1, Winter/Spring 2011.

“Breathable Happiness,” by Margherita Guidacci, Poetry Northwest, Vol. VI, issue 1, Spring & Summer 2011.

Articles Translated 

Carlo Olmo, “Across the Texts,” assemblage 5 (Feb. 1988).

Giorgio Ciucci, “The Classicism of the E 42: Between Modernity and Tradition,” assemblage 8 (Feb. 1989).

Alessandra Ponte, “Building the Stair Spiral of Evolution: The Index Museum of Patrick Geddes,” assemblage 10 (Dec. 1989).

Georges Teyssot, “The Simple Day and the Light of the Lights and Shadows in the Museum,” assemblage 12 (Aug. 1990).

Tzvetan Todorov, “Concentration Camps and Their Aftermath,” representations (1995).