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VIDEO OF EVENT Jessica Levine and April Eberhardt @ the American Library in Paris, 24 February 2015. An author and agent in conversation about writing and publishing.

VIRGINIA PYE’s interview with Jessica Levine.

THE NERVOUS BREAKDOWN self-interview. That’s right. I got to interview myself.

Excerpt from “The Geometry of Love” at THE NERVOUS BREAKDOWN.

Excerpt from “The Geometry of Love” in

Interview with Sion Dayson in Paris Imperfect, March 26, 2015.




“Feeling restless in her long-term relationship with her boyfriend, Ben, Julia Field decides to take over her father’s accounting business and move to New York. She’ll still see Ben on the weekends, she rationalizes, and maybe a little distance will inspire him to finally pop the question. She never expected to run into Ben’s former roommate, Michael, an adorably disheveled yet temperamental composer, who once shared a surprisingly passionate kiss with her on the steps of the New York Public Library during their senior year of college. Though Julia confessed to Ben on the night of the kiss, she never expected to feel the same surge of passion after running into Michael so many years later. Does passion outweigh stability? Is pure romance sustainable? The Geometry of Love charts the love triangle between Julia, Ben, and Michael as all three search for the answers to life’s most heartfelt questions. Spanning 1987 to 2004, the novel’s scope and sweeping character arcs will appeal to fans of Meg Wolitzer’s The Interestings (2013). Julia’s emotions, insecurities, and pleasures are laid bare and recall Isadora Wing in Erica Jong’s Fear of Flying (1973). An outstanding first novel.”

— Stephanie Turza. Booklist, starred reviewbooklist_starred_review
Issue: April 1, 2014

“Jessica Levine has crafted a lyrical and realistic examination of the complications and exhilarations of romantic entanglements… Julia is a compelling and relatable protagonist and Levine portrays her as a woman in turmoil… The writing itself is melodious throughout with bursts of humor.”

–Allyce Amidon, “Down But Not Out: Five Debut Novels Explore the Full Range of Life’s Curveballs,”

“[A] sharp look at one woman’s impassioned attempts at self-realization in both love and art.”

–Nicole Bonia,

“Jessica Levine knows relationships.In THE GEOMETRY OF LOVE, Levine artfully weaves the story of one woman’s desire for passion, art and love and her conflicting needs of comfort, security and stability. A universal tale written by a compassionate writer whose gentle love of her characters shines throughout this book.”

(Berkley Penguin)

“If this novel were a diving event, Levine’s writing woud be a complicated reverse somersault with a twist… Summing it up: Dive into this complex Möbius strip of a novel to enter Julia’s mind as she contends with thoughts of creativity’s source, of the importance of erotic love, of family, and of the price of infidelity. Read this novel to see how the geometry of love with its triangles and linear equations can lead to one plus one becoming two or perhaps to much more.”



“Unfulfilled love and attraction can resonate over decades, affecting our choices of who we love, what we create, and ultimately who we are. In this novel of relationships, Jessica Levine offers a strong heroine in Julia, a woman who wants to be honorable even as she wrestles with her wilder side and the undertow of longing. We root for her as she tries to do the right thing, which in the end is best chosen by the heart.  THE GEOMETRY OF LOVE is a fine literary debut that weaves psychological wisdom into an entertaining love story.”

— Virginia Pye, RIVER OF DUST
(Unbridled Books)

“I have high praise for The Geometry of Love … Levine’s characters are thoughtfully rendered and contain a level of nuance that holds the reader hostage to their messy lives.”


“Read this beautifully written book to find out if Julia remains honorable or throws everything away for her one true love.”



The Geometry of Love explores the journey of the heart through decades, of wondering “what if”, and of finding that person who truly makes you feel alive..[I]f you let yourself get caught up in this story, you will be in good hands.”

LITERARY R & R [Scroll down to Thursday, October 16, 2014, to read the review]

“Julia is torn. She wants the stability that life with Ben can offer. But she is also drawn to another man, whose wild past and passionate nature might be too much for her. As Julia compares and contrasts these two men, she clearly wants to do the right thing for herself. But does she even know what that might be? Romantic love vs. practical love is Julia’s dilemma. Her story unfolds, taking the reader on an exhilarating journey through Julia’s head and her heart.”

Warren Trumbull County Library

“[A]n involving read that poses many questions sure to generate lots of discussion; it would make an excellent choice for a book club. Levine deserves particular credit for writing realistic sex scenes between mature, passionate people, and her exploration of female desire is especially impressive..”

Bill Wolfe, Read Her Like an Open Book